Thursday, 15 November 2012

Stitching Social Media

At long last I have finished all 6 samples for the latest module of my C and G course. Hooray!

It's taken me ages and ages, for excuses  reasons including procrastination and diverted attention ( but finally, here they are:

From top left, clockwise: 1. English quilting, inspired by the Newsvine logo; 2. Corded quilting, using the 'Blogger' logo; 3. Shadow quilting using the Picassa logo; 4.Trupunto (stuffed Quilting) inspired by the Twitter logo; 5. Tied quilting, inspired by the Kiwibox Logo; 6. Suffolk Puffs, based on the Facebook Logo. 

So now to putting a portfolio together, which is great fun, before doing the dreaded paperwork!


  1. I am sure you will pass with flying colours.

  2. These look great together, loving your 'B'! I agree with Liz too :)

  3. My personal favourite if the Facebook. Fingers rossed for you. I'm sure you'll do brilliantly well.

  4. Great selection Sarah, they've all turned out brilliantly.

  5. Well done, Sarah! I like the Suffolk Puffs logo too.

  6. Love the fb and newsvine logo. Until I stumbled on your blog I never knew there was such a thing as a certificate in patchwork and quilting. Looking forward to having a browse through the rest of your blog.


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