WIP's and FO's 2012

2012 - Work in Progress

1. Module 5 - 'Form'  and samples 2 to go -  Italian corded quilting and Tied quilting)

2. Kaffe Fassett Quilt

3.  Out to Sea Cot Quilt

4. Mug Rugs x 3 as Christmas presents for my daughter's teachers

5.  Quilt using gorgeous Petit Odile French General Fabrics

2012 - Finished Objects

1. Texture module 4 - and passed, hooray!

2. Dolly Quilt  - see it here

3. Easter Bunny bags - see them here

4. Bag for Julie

5. Mini quilt for Teddy

6. William's Quilt

7. 100 cards for Siblings Together

8.  Kukla Dolls Cot Quilt

9. Walk in the Woods Quilt

10.  Flower Fairy Bunting

11.  Rocking Horse Cross Stitch

12.  Ed Emberley Happy Drawing Quilt

13. Quilt for Sarah

14. Mug Rug (tutorial here!)

15. Pink Walk in the Woods bunting

16. Mini wedding cross-stitch for Sean and Heidi

17. Mini pin cushions

18.  'Vintage India' Quilt using Trade Winds fabrics by Lily Ashbury

19. Ring pouch for Sean and Heidi

20. Rainbow bunting for my daughter's pre-school

21.  Blanket for Patch using Out to Sea fabrics by Sarah Jane

22. Cross Stitch Card for baby Amelia

23.  Applique towels for Zane and Indy

24.  C and G samples - suffolk puffs, English quilting, shadow quilting, Trapunto

25. 'In a Spin' dolly blanket


  1. Hi Sarah, I really love your enthusiasm for quilting, you have been busy with two weeny ones and your C and G course :) Gem


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