Thursday, 10 March 2011

An Apron for Evie

Today I have managed to work on some design work for my shape portfolio, but it's not complete so I can't post a photo, and I want to wait until I have completed all of module 2 so that I can photograph everything at the same time and in the same light.

But I have also been busy on another 'quick' project - I promised Freya and her friend Evie that I would make them a little apron each, to go with Freya's play food and saucepan set.  So after a minor disaster the other night (don't ask) I started over and made Evie a little apron and once I have got some more fabric tomorrow I will make Freya's.  I might make matching tea towels as well, so that they have the complete set of accessories :-)  Watch this space, I will post a picture of the little angels in their new 'designer' kitchen gear soon!  

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