Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Welcome Aboard!

Hello and welcome to my brand new, shiny blog!  I am very excited as this is my first blog entry and my first experience of blogging, but so far it has been relatively straight forward and painless, and I have not had to call upon Pete's expertise.

Anyway, enough rambling about boring computer technicalities, first I would like to show you a few pictures of my work from Module 1 - Line.  They are samples of different types of block.  

As I am already three months into the course, there is quite a bit that I can post, so my next few entries will be playing 'catch up' before I get up to date with what I am doing now, which is module 2. 


  1. Wow your quilting is fantastic I cant wait to see more!

    Hope you win the royal wedding competitoinxxx

  2. Love the blog and love the colour contrast of the patchwork


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