Friday, 15 April 2011

An Attempt at Sketching

This week has been quiet on the sewing machine front, but I have been working hard on my coursework.  Being a distance learning course, all my work has to be photographed and documented in a powerpoint presentation, so I have been photographing my samples and annotating each photograph, including all the graph paper plans, close up photos and also the step by step  method for some examples.  Anyone who has ever used powerpoint before will know just how long all of this takes, and I am working on 2 presentations, each will be about 30 slides long!  

One other thing I have been doing is working to complete my sketchbook for this module, which to me is a big challenge because sketching is certainly not something that comes naturally to me.  I would like to thank my friend Sarah for her gentle guidance in this regard, and all her useful tips about perspective, shading etc.  My sketches are by no means masterpieces, but some of them are much improved due to her helpful hints!  Here are a few pictures of the ones I feel are just about good enough for public viewing...

Thank you to Sarah for helping me with this one! 

This weekend we are off to Portsmouth to see our lovely friends Sean and Heidi, and I am also going to visit HMS Victory and take some pictures, to give me more material to work with.  I hope to work on the rest of my designs next week, and then the end of this module will be in sight.  Hooray! 

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