Tuesday, 10 May 2011

HMS Victory and Designs for Portfolio

I have to say I feel thoroughly ashamed that I have set up this blog and then not got around to posting for nearly a month - where does the time go!!  I have however been busy with my coursework, and as evidence that I have actually been working hard, I have some pictures.  

I did indeed go to HMS Victory and managed to get some lovely photos and inspiration for my work.  I have also spent time developing designs and mounting my work in my Shape Portfolio, and below are a few examples; 

Front cover of my Shape Portfolio
Photos of HMS Victory 

More Victory
Design work

More design work 
Another design
My aim is to complete module 2 before our holiday in two weeks time - I hope it's going to be possible but it is going to be tight, what with so many other committments, including a (nearly) 2 year old!  But fingers crossed I reach my target as I can't wait to start Module 3, Colour. 

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