Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Slow Progress

In the last few weeks progress has been very slow, as there has been a lot going on with one thing and another, so there has not been a lot of time to get my head down and focus.  However, I did manage to get all my research on colour complete, but it is still sitting on the computer because I am undecided how to present it.  At first I was thinking of putting it in my portfolio, but then I had the idea to make a larger, seperate concertina booklet (like the Bridget Riley one but bigger).  I think I am going to go with this idea, and have a yellow booklet, because the portfolio is red, and the BR book blue so then as a collection it will be the primary colours, relating to the theme of colour perfectly.  I have also had the idea to make all my work in the portfolio look old, (my theme is the Aztecs) by staining everything with a tea bag, but this would not really be appropriate for the colour theory work.  So many ideas, now I need to exectute them.   And yes, the weekly plan has gone completely out of the window!!  

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