Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Since Claire and Evie headed back to England (we miss you!) it has been a busy week on the coursework front, and now that the printer cartridge has arrived I have been able to print all the annotations for my portfolio. It is not yet complete but I will show you some pictures of my favourite pages of my portfolio so far.  But before that I wanted to share this one, a picture of the most beautiful, strong, vibrant rainbow that appeared on Friday morning...

Rainbows never look and feel as magical in photographs as they do in real life, but I still think it has been captured out quite well considering.  I wonder if it was a sign - a pot of (metaphorical) gold on the way perhaps?  Here's hoping!

Anyway, back to my coursework, here's a picture of all my annotations drying, having been stained with tea;

And here are some pictures of my portfolio...

Again, I feel the photos don't really do justice to the work, it is hard to tell for example that the portfolio is A3 in size.  I shall have to work out the best way to photograph it for submission to my tutor.  Perhaps one page at a time will work better.  Anyway, I couldn't resist including a picture of Freya below, who had lots of fun colouring in Peter Rabbit colouring pages while I was working overtime with the double sided tape.  And yes I kept her well out of reach of all my work!!

Freya gets creative with the crayons
I am also working on a larger collage for my final resolved design, it's a work in progress and as soon as it's done I shall show you a picture.

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  1. We miss you too, but glad the cartridge got to you and that you've been keeping busy ...... Very busy by the looks of it! Xxx


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