Thursday, 3 November 2011

My Colour Collection

Well here it is at last, all of my colour work as a collection.  There are still a few loose ends to tie up and I have to photograph everything and put it into a powerpoint presentation, which I am slowly doing (it takes hours) but I feel that the last 5 months have been worth it , and that I have actually managed to achieve something after all...

And here is my final design for this module, which I then made into a large collage...

Whole collage
Close up
In detail
In case you are wondering if they are beads that have been stuck on, then the answer is yes they are!  I think there are well over 250 of them, and it took me quite a long time with a pair of tweezers and some PVA glue.  I did it while watching Kirsties Homemade Britain (which I am enjoying so far, has anyone else seen it? Although I think it is a bit of a coincidence that she is famous and wins a lot of the time) so it was not such a chore after all. 

Right, must get on, still loads to be done but I hope you like my final pieces. 


  1. Oh wow Sarah, I love it - such a lot of work and the final design is brilliant, so vibrant, I love the colours. Can't believe you stuck all those beads on - no wonder it took you such a long time, so much work has gone into it. Its a lot more time consuming than they tell you, isn't it. It makes me laugh how they say "allow 3 hours for this" and "allow 1 hour for that" ... I usually add a zero on the end to each of them.
    As for Kirstie's Homemade program, I love it, its a nice feel-good homely-cosy type program.

  2. Wow, you are so clever, that's amazing! I hope you get "top marks", you deserve it.

    Yes I think the programme is fixed, but it's interesting and some of the work on there is amazing, even Tonys been enjoying it (not that he'd admit it!)

  3. Hurrah! Well done indeed - it's great to see the fabulous results - well worth all those hours. Your work is so beautiful - top stuff! I'd love to make salt dough decs - what a super idea. Glad to see you had fun with the visitors - utterly heavenly photos x


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