Sunday, 22 April 2012

Liebster Award Winners and Siblings Together

Yesterday I posted about the exciting news that I won the Liebster Award!  (See yesterdays post for full details of the award). 

 And today it is my turn to present it to 5 blogs that I have really enjoyed following.  So after careful consideration, I present the Liebster Award to the following people:

Julie at Thimble Fingers

Kelsey at Kelsey Sews

Jeanne at Purple Pinwheels

Yzo at Chez Roo

All such great, inspiring blogs, please do take a look! 

In other news, I have got a big task ahead.  I wrote a poem for the wonderful charity Siblings Together, as my very small contribution to the efforts by Lynne and her followers at Lily's Quilts to make a quilt for every sibling that is attending summer camp this July.

Quilts for Siblings Together

It has been decided that every child is going to receive a copy of my poem in a little card, and I have gladly volunteered my card making services.  Here is a sample of what they are going to look like:

So how many have I got to make? 

50?  No.

80? No.


I better get started!  


  1. Sarah, thank you for nominating me for the Liebster award! So kind :) Your cards look lovely, I'm sure they will be appreciated.

  2. I'm a bit late in joining the small blog link up via lily's quilts, but I'm your newest follower!

  3. Lovely cards - as a previous recipient of a fab piggy card, little H knows how special these are - and congratulations on the award!
    In case of interest, I've tagged you on a meme:


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