Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Scraptastic Reycling

I have a few WIP's at the moment.  The cards for Siblings Together are coming along nicely; I am gathering my thoughts in preparation for starting module 5 of my coursework; (I plan to start on Monday) and I have just received the backing fabric for the quilt top that I made for William last week.  I am also trying to get to grips with so that I can redesign my blog header and create a blog button; easier said than done.  Watch this space. 

But over the weekend I completed a project that I didn't even plan on making.  This is what happened. 

I had lots of little scraps left over from Williams quilt, sewn together in 3's from where I had made the strips and cut them up.  It seemed like a crime to throw them away, they were just so pretty.  So I decided to sew them all together, and make a mini quilt for William's teddy bear.  Just a simple patchwork, with hand quilting and matching backing and binding that I plan to use for William's own quilt.  Here is the result...

He certainly needs it because temperatures here are at an all time low, with gale force winds and driving rain.  It feels like the depths of Winter :-(

On a more positive note, I have been tagged by my lovely *real life* friend Menai  on her blog, in relation to answering questions on the theme 'A Mother's Work'.  I have very much enjoyed reading Menai's responses and I am going to ponder the questions and post my answers tomorrow.  It's not entirely quilting related I know, but then I do hope that patchwork and quilting will be my 'work' in the future, so I guess it kind of is. 

Better get my thinking cap on! 


  1. Lucky teddy! It's freezing here too!

  2. Very lucky Teddy - what a lovely offshoot! Thanks for joining in - hurrah to a lovely future work prospect...look forward to it!


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