Monday, 11 June 2012

A Sneek Peek and a Link Up

I shall start today by being typically British and talking about the weather.  For most of the weekend it has been drizzle.  Constant rain, grey skies, below average temperatures and the feeling that we are having yet another rubbish British summer.  Not good. 

But on the plus side of not being out sunbathing and enjoying the beaches/summer fairs/outdoor pursuits, I have indulged in a little hand quilting.  Or should I say a lot.  Once I set my mind to something then I don't stop till I'm done, and I had it in mind on Friday to make a cot sized quilt and hand quilt it by Sunday night.  Optimistic?  Perhaps.  Do-able?  Well almost!! 

It got to 11.30 Sunday evening and I only had about an hours worth of hand quilting to go, and of course then the binding, so the sensible side of me said 'go to bed.'  Which I did.  So I ok, I didn't complete my challenge, but hey, I do have 2 children to look after as well!  So anyway, here is a sneak peek of a very nearly finished cot quilt...

Hope to show you the finished article very soon! 

I am linking up with ;

Plum and June

So if you are new to my blog, it's lovely to meet you!  I shall be sure to visit your blog too if you drop by and say hello :-)

Happy Monday and here's hoping for some sunshine soon! 


  1. Wow that looks amazing.
    I'd love to learn a bit more about hand quilting.
    What thread did you use?

  2. You broke all speed limits quilting that quilt. I wish I could hand quilt that fast. It looks great.

  3. Your hand quilting looks great! As does your blog. I have SO Much work to do..... LOL!

  4. So close to a finish - well done you! The quilt looks lovely, even without being able to see it with binding on - bright colours and fab hand quilting!

  5. What lovely colours!I think you achieved a great deal in two days!

  6. This looks so cute, and your hand stitching looks perfect!

  7. Can't wait to see it finished - as always, beautiful neat work. You're really on a roll now Sarah.


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