Thursday, 16 August 2012

From Rocking Horses to Sea Horses

It has been an exciting week on the craft front for several reasons. 

The first being that I was able to finish my Rocking Horse Cross Stitch commission, as the baby was born, and I was able to personalise it with the name and date of birth.

The recipient (a friend of the mother) was thrilled with it, and I am hoping the new mum will be too. 

I have also started attending a craft club at a local ladies house.  It  was a lot of fun to meet like minded people, who were making things such as a teddy bear, bracelets, photo frames, knitted booties (beautifully made by my friend Suzy - I must share a pic soon) and hand made cards (also beautifully made by my friend Emma).  It was wonderful to see such different projects progress and I really think we are going to be inspired by one another.  (Not that I need much more inspiration, my head is bursting with ideas of things I want to make, and I can't make them fast enough!!) 

Anyhow, I took the quiltop that I am making for my friend Sarah (see this post) as I am about a quarter of the way through hand quilting it. 

It was great fun and I can't wait to go next week, although progress was possibly a bit slower due to all the chatting and admiring of one another's work ;-)

My daughter has also shown lots of creative flair this week, as she made this little masterpiece with very little help:

Aren't those sea horses adorable!  I found the idea on pinterest (click here to see my 'education ideas board)

As for the weekend, I am going to be working on some pink bunting using my Walk in the Woods fabric (do you get the impression I love this line?!) and I will also carry on with the hand quilting. 

I shall leave you with my favorite line from Toy Story 2:

You. Can't. Rush. Art.


  1. Like mother, like daughter. Very cute.

  2. Blimey, talent runs in your genes.
    Fantastic cross stitch finish and wow your hand quilting star is perfect.
    I really love the seahorses. Good work mini-Sarah xxxx

  3. I can't blame your friend for being thrilled with the cross stitch, its beautifully stitched, and as for Freya's seahorses - how brilliant is that!! What a great job she did of it - hope you keep that one in her treasure chest for years to come.

  4. Clever Sarah and clever Freya!


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