Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fresh Sewing Day

Seems like yesterrday I was linking up for last month's Fresh Sewing Day...where is the time going??! 

Lily's Quilts

Well it's all been happening here in Jersey this month.  We've had a visit from the Olympic Torch, Prince Charles and Camilla dropped by for their Diamond Jubilee tour and now everyone is caught up in Olympic fever.  Oh and we even had a visit from the sun, with temperatures soaring up to 30 degrees at one point.  (It didn't last long, but hey, it was good while it lasted!)

July also saw my daughter turning 3, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and my father turned 60.  A quiet month then!

I have managed to fit in a bit of sewing in between all the celebrations and festivities.  Here is a little collage of all my July makes.

Top Left, clockwise: A little Rocking Horse Cross Stitch that I was commissioned to sew for a new baby; My Ed Emberley Happy Drawing quilt finally finished; Flower Fairy Bunting for my daughter's birthday party; quilt top commissioned by my friend, stillt to be quilted but waiting on the backing. 

I also had another finish this month, my secret project for the Plum and June Blog Hop.  I would just love it if you come and check out my page and project on my day, Tuesday 14th August!!!  

Plum and June

So what does August have in store?  Well it's my lovely husband's birthday next week, so more celebrating, and I also have some old uni friends coming to Jersey for a long weekend, which will be great fun.  And there will be more Olympics watching.  Of course. 

Sewing wise, things will be a little quieter.  I am returning in full swing to my City and Guilds coursework that I have shamefully neglected for almost 2 months now.  I am working on a little project all about the Histroy of Quilting and the history of different quilting techniques.  It's fascinating stuff and just marvellous how the traditional techniques are being revived and are so popular today.

Anyhow, I shall finish now with a picture of me with someone I interviewed back in 2005 ...

You may have seen him on the telly recently ;-)

Thanks for stopping by x


  1. So how did you get to meet Sir Steve??
    I love your Ed Emberley quilt!

  2. Oooops I think your blog date ^ up there for the Plum hop should be August rather than April hun ;0P

    Such great makes this month.

    Sir Steve just seems like he is so lovely. Was he fabulous to interview?

  3. Ah you lucky thing - Sir Steve! Is he as charming in person?

    Your C&G thing sounds really interesting - I think when munchkin#2 is a bit older, I would love to do a C&G in something textiles-y. Is it distance learning? If you are Jersey-based I assume so!

  4. I love that Ed Emberley quilt! I'm excited to see what you are making for the hop!

  5. Lovely finishes!!!! The cross stitch is beautiful!

  6. SOunds like you had a busy month!


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