Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Today is a big day for my daugher, as she has started at pre-school.  Just an introductionary morning session to start with, and then another on Friday, before starting full time on Monday.  (Tomorrow is the International Air Display and all the schools on the island are closed).
So what better way to mark the occasion than to make some bunting go in the classroom.

And would you believe it, guess what I saw on the way home from dropping her off...

I'm taking it as a good sign; hopefully if she works hard, she will one day earn a pot of gold!


  1. Magical - a real rainbow to match your rainbow bunting! Hope your little girl enjoyed her introduction to pre-school - I'm sure she will settle right in x

  2. Hope she had a brilliant time! The bunting was a lovely idea. Every time she looks at it she will think of you.

  3. I agre with Susan - that bunting is a great idea!

  4. Big steps! Hope that you both enjoy the experience and that the pre-school appreciate the bunting!

  5. The bunting is so cute! Congrats to you both on entering this new phase :)


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