Thursday, 8 September 2011

Applique Technique File

Well I am pleased to report that after a good many hours, I have finally finished my Applique Technique File.  It has taken me ages and ages but I think it looks quite smart and I am particularly pleased with the front cover.  Here are some pictures, in no particular order.

Close up of felt flower

After all the writing about different applique methods, I was really enthusiastic to give it a go but unfortunately I don't yet have any designs from my coursework to base my applique on.  (That is my own fault for doing things in the wrong order - it just seemed a good place to start after the move as it didn't envolve anything too complicated). 

So anyway, now I am working on mounting all my colour theory work nicely (slightly delayed because our printer is out of ink - so frustrating!) and as I can no longer get to the Bristish Museum in London to look at Aztec artifacts (this module is based on a historical theme and I have chosen the Aztecs) I have just ordered lots of postcards of Aztec artifacts from the internet.  There is a great website called Zazzle which supplies postcards of just about anything, I have used them loads.   So until they arrive I can't do any design work.  But... I have managed to find some funky Aztec pattern/style cotton fabric on ebay, which will look great with some bold, plain cotton fabrics for my applique samples when I finally get around to them! 

Next posting, I'll show you my colour theory work, and again I am playing around with the presentation, just to be a bit different.  I have come up with the idea of an oversized leaflet, that you have to open out.  I will have one for 'colour theory' and one for 'colour in art' looking at how different artists use colour in their work.  Won't take long to put together once I finally get it all printed.  Can't wait to get going. 

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