Friday, 30 September 2011

Birthday Bits and Bobs

The one good thing about not living near your friends (and the only good thing) is that on special occasions such as birthdays,  exciting parcels turn up in the post (if you have been a good friend that year).  One particularly special gift that arrived was from my very dear and lovely friend Sarah, and I have to say, this is just the perfect present for me!  So here is my lovely surprise...

Hand painted tray, quilitng book, fat quarters, buttons, ribbon and a bookmark

And a special message and hand made heart - lilac, to match my living room
I thought I would also take this opportunity to post a few more pictures of my birthday day, and some of the lovely gifts that I received.

Anyone would think it was Freya's birthday with that cheeky smile!

Cakes from my lovely friend Gemma -  so thoughtful and a lovely surprise

A beautiful bracelet from Freya (with some help from Pete, my wondeful husband)

All my special gifts from my wonderful friends - I thank you all xx

Relaxing at the Howard Davis Park in St Helier

This sums up the day!!

I will post more about my coursework next week, I am feeling really motivated at the moment, and determined to finish the design work and start on some applique samples soon. :-)

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  1. Aww what a fab photo of Freya. Can't wait to continue the celebrations soon!


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