Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Busy Week and a Big Birthday

I haven't posted for a week or so, not because I have been slacking off, but because I have been so busy working on designs and drawings for my colour module related to the Aztecs. Here are a few pictures of my sketchbook and collages, which I will need to mount into a portolio. 

An Aztec Eagle painted in Acryllics

Painting rearranged and cut up into a collage 


A headdress

An attempt at watercolour (it's difficult!)

In detail

Collage based on the two headed serpent (see previous post)

Sketching of an Aztec God

Acryllic painting of same god

Close up detail - experimenting with colour

More colour experiments

The final design, and my favourite.  Will make into a collage and perhaps a quilt??!
I have also embarked on a few other little projects. The first was to re-organise all my craft things, and I now have two cupboards full of baskets, with (badly!) embroidered labels.  Here is one of the cupboards;

Also, last weekend was a big weekend for me, as I turned the big 3-0.  I was thoroughly spoilt by all my friends and family and I was lucky enough to get some birthday money, which I have put to good use and spend on, you guessed it, lots of craft things.  Here is a little selection of the delights that have been arriving through the post...

More Hungry Caterpillar fabric - I love it!!

And a Christmas one - I couldn't resist

The DVD I have wanted for ages - I watched it online, so inspirational

And finally, I have been making a curtain for the utility room, as it is a very boring, functional room and I thought it needed brightening up.  It is still a work in progress but I did quickly make a runner for the top of the tumble dryer in the same fabric...

Watch this space for the curtain!  Well I think that's enough for one post, but I will post again soon with details of a gorgeous crafty birthday gift that I recieved from a special friend of mine...

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