Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Some sewing at last

I haven't had the chance to blog over the last week or so. I thought it best that I use my time to work really hard on my samples and then blog when I actually had something interesting to post. I have now completed 3 out of 5 samples for this module, so getting there! All the samples are based on different applique techniques, which literally means 'applying' motifs to a base fabric.  Reverse applique is where you cut away part of a fabric to reveal a design. So here are my first two samples, and I have included the designs that they are based on, otherwise they look a bit weird on their own and out of context.

Collage based on the double-headed serpent

Basic applique sample

Another design

Reverse applique sample

I also have to do some experimental samples, using unconventional materials such as sweet wrappers, felt, organza, etc.  So below is my most recent and time consuming but fun piece, based on a ceremonial headdress...

Detail on a ceremonial headdress
My experimental applique interpretation

Spot the chocolate coin wrappers - all in the name of art!

So now it's back to the drawing board planning and creating my next two samples, which are an experimental reverse applique sample and a free choice experimental sample.  I want to attempt something called 'stained glass applique' which as the title suggests, is applique that looks like a stained glass window.  I have a few ideas but I need to put them into action!  


  1. Yum choc coins! Only you could make something lovely from them! And I never knew about reverse appliqué.

  2. Great samples Sarah, your reverse applique is soooooo neat - how did you manage that, I found it really difficult. Love your experimental piece ... see, eating chocolate is good for you - it has many uses, ha ha.

  3. Wow - as ever, wonderful and interesting work. I've just come from our crafts club - inspired indeed!


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