Sunday, 27 November 2011

Stained Glass Applique, Decorations and Resolutions

I have been really looking forward to writing this post and sharing with you my latest work, a sample of experimental applique.  By experimental, it means trying new techniques and materials.  So I have attempted stained glass applique (which as the title suggests, looks like a stained glass window) and I have used a variety of materials, including felt, satin, organza, angel hair, cotton and decorative paper.  Some of which are easier to stitch into than others.  (As I found out the hard way. Ahm.)

My Stained Glass window

Please take a closer look...

It's all stitched by hand...and took me AGES!!

Only the border was machine stitched, and I have to say I felt very nervous because I had spent so long on the central panel, I didn't want to mess it up at the final hurdle!  Luckily all went well (I hope you will agree) and it is certainly the best that I could manage so I hope it's good enough. 

Onto other crafty news, Freya has had a creative week too preparing for Christmas;

16 Christmas tree decorations for friends and family...DONE!
You may be lucky enough to recieve one of her masterpieces in a Christmas card - if you have been good this year of course. 

And I have had a productive weekend in other ways too.  I have a new resolution.  It is to take better care of all my things.  So far I have put this into action by:

1) Sewing on all the buttons that had fallen off my winter coat
2) Donating all my old clothes to charity to make more room for the clothes I want to keep
3) Getting my boots re-healed
4) Ironing all my scrap bits of fabric and storing them neatly

And I plan to;

1) Buy a large portfolio/file to keep all my fabric samples in (rather than carrier bags)
2) Keep all my shoes and boots polished
3) Re-organise my wardrobe to make better use of space
4) Keep all my craft/reference books in one place and in 'genre' order

This probably all sounds quite obsessive but I have to say I am really enjoying the process, and anyone who knows me will know that I love being organised and do have a tendency to be a bit OCD at times!  But I also think it is important to take more care of the things I have, as it will make them last longer and I will enjoy them more.  (If only I had applied this principle a year ago, my winter boots would not be in such a state of disrepair!!)  I shall keep you updated with progress. 

Off to bed now, as a new week beckons, with the prospect of one last applique sample... night night and I hope to hear from you soon.


  1. Sounds like you're busy "nesting" at the moment. I'd love to be that organised.
    Love your stained glass quilting, I've always liked that style and you've done a wonderfully neat job of it.

  2. So gorgeous - and I have no doubt that you'll achieve all that lovely sorting out! Fancy popping over here to lend a hand with my stash?! I've "tweeted" your previous #fictionfridays as I think that's where they're linked rather than as a link on the chap's blog - so maybe new followers soon?! Love to you all from us all x

  3. Love the stain glass effect. I do love art deo and def has that kind of feel. Freyas a clever girl too!

    My resolution is to build a stash, I was inspired by yours lol!


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