Thursday, 16 February 2012

A Super Surprise

In my last blog post talked all about how I have decided to subscribe to Popular Patchwork magazine.  Things have moved on considerably since then...

First of all I received the lovely Jelly Roll Sampler Quilts book in the post, along with a large box of metallic Maderia threads which was very exciting.  The book is so inspiring with such wonderful designs and fabrics, I do highly recommend it.     

I also went to the shop and purchased the latest edition of Popular Patchwork as my subscription does not start until next month.  I was enjoying a cup of coffee and a very rare quiet moment with both children asleep, when I came across an article all about The School of Stitched Textiles, who are my distance learning provider.  Articles in this magazine usually span a couple of pages, and I was reading with great interest, the story of how SST had been set up, and then I turned the page, and to my amazement I saw the following...

In case you can't see it clearly, it's a photograph of my work, with my name under it! 

It was just pure chance that I bought a copy this month, and I knew absoloutely nothing about it so you can imagine my surprise.  I am completely chuffed to bits that they chose my work and it has really boosted my confidence.  When you study from home it is very easy to think that your work isn't good enough, that other people's work is better etc. etc.  So this has really spurred me on and made me believe that I can complete this course and that my work is as good as everybody elses after all.

In other news, there has been a flurry of Valentine creativity in the house, and it is only now, 2 days after Valentines day that I have had a chance to blog about it.  Here is my creation, an idea that I found on Pinterest a few weeks back and couldn't resist making; 

The top hearts are actually sewn on by machine, which was easier said than done, because unlike fabric, one false move with the needle and it would leave a gaping big hole in the paper!  Overall I am pleased with how it turned out and Pete seemed to appreciate the effort so it was worth it.

Of course Freya had to make a card for her daddy too, and I have to say I was highly impressed with her commitment to the heart collage, and I think the results are are delightful...

Note my attempt at slightly arty photographs here - having been looking at a host of other blogs, some are literally works of art in themselves - mine is far too functional - must try harder!

And finally, here is a picture that is completely unrelated to anything crafty but it is so adorable I couldn't resist posting it...




  1. Quite right your work should be posted in the article - have more faith!! I know where you're coming from about lack of confidence in distance learning, I guess its one of its down sides, but your work is amazing and I'm glad the article has given you a boost.
    As for the last photo - just beautiful and tells such a story. William looks amazed at what Freya's showing him.

  2. Wow that's great, I bet you couldn't believe it. Trust me you are super talented, so believe in yourself!

    Love the cards, funnily enough saw some heart garlands like you card in a magazine the other day and admired them (we clearly have good taste!)

    Love the photo Freya clearly loves entertaining William!


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