Sunday, 11 March 2012

On the Beach

I am trying to come up with inventive ways to present my work for my course.  This is a lot of fun, but certainly more time consuming than just sticking information into a portfolio!  But I do love a challenge and not to always go for the easy option, so this is what I came up with to present my work on...

And here is my 'texture' research, although I can't decide which picture I prefer.  This one...

On the rocks

or this one;

On the sand

As it happens, I took the 'on the rocks' picture, and Pete styled and took the 'on the sand' picture.  So the jury is out!

I have also managed to find time to do a little bit of sewing.  Here is a picture.  It looks a bit dull but the brief for the module is 'black, white and muted tones'.  (Not really me at all!)  This sample demonstrates the use of freezer paper - a technique of ironing the shapes around freezer paper so that the fabric takes their shape, and then you applique it on to the background fabric.  I came up with a very basic design as using a hot iron with complicated shapes could be tricky and slightly hazardous! 

I am now working on my final sample for this module, another stained glass applique piece.  It's coming along well but I have hit a stumbling block - I have run out of plain black fabric for the bias binding 'leading'.  So I have ordered more from my favourite ebay shop, Brenda Higgs Favourite Fabrics, along with some rainbow coloured solids for the samples for module 5.  Financial constraints meant that it had to be a purely 'essential fabrics' order, but it was sooooo hard to resist all her gorgeous fat quarter bundles! 

I shall post again soon with my stained glass applique.  I do enjoy this technique as it uses lots of colour.  And it's good to have more colour in my life.  Hooray!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I love all the photo's....the research photo's are both brilliant ideas...only thing are the shadows on the sand one....trying to get through the 2nd module for the Embroidery C&G's..

  2. Great idea Sarah, I agree with Jacqui about the shadows, but both are brilliant ways of presenting your work.

  3. Sarah, you blow me away - everything you do is so impressive! Even though I may not be in touch all the time, I always have a peek at what you've been making :) I prefer the 'rock' all the different angle makes it more interesting, plus the light is better. Speak soon x


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