Friday, 2 March 2012

Talking About Texture

In the rare moments when both of the children are asleep, it's a race to get my craft things out and crack on with my coursework, because either one of them could wake at any moment, and bring progress to a grinding halt. 

So here are some of my texture designs so far - the brief was to fill basic outlines of your source material with the hand made textured papers.

Landscape picture

Black on white - Lighthouse at Corbiere

White on black - Lighthouse at Corbiere

The last one, white on black of the lighthouse is my favourite, as I think it's quite dramatic and evocative of a huge thunderstorm.

I have a few more designs to come up with using this technique and then I have to try different collage techniques such as folding, pleating and tearing the papers.  Lots of ideas in my head, and I can't wait to get started.  Perhaps Pete can take the children for a long drive around the island...

In other crafty news, I received both Popular Patchwork magazine and Modern Quilting magazine this week.  I like Popular Patchwork magazine, it has some interesting articles and information, but I have to admit I do feel like I must be one of their youngest readers!  I find some of the fabrics and designs a bit dated, and there are quite a few pictures of older ladies!!  Modern Quilting magazine is definitely aimed at a younger audience and the fabrics they use make me want to drool, they are so gorgeous.  There really is a much more contemporary feel to the projects and style of the magazine, I just love it and I am so pleased I came across it in time to get the first issue. 

Hopefully I will get a moment this weekend to come up with some more texture designs, I shall post more progress soon!


  1. Great work Sarah, and I agree with you, the last one really makes a statement.

  2. Yep I agree the last one is really striking.


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