Saturday, 31 March 2012

Tea Parties and Texture

The week started well with an invitation to a  tea party...

Which was attended by some very important guests.

I also managed to enjoy the gorgeous weather we had this week, and did some collage work in the garden. 

I had my assistant beside me...

But he wasn't much help... because he kept on falling asleep. 

I finished my texture collage, and it looks something like this:

 I also finished off my stained glass applique sample.  Here is the design inspiration,

And here is my 'window'.

More collages are on their way to completion and I shall post again soon regarding progress.  And tea parties.  :-)

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  1. The tea party looked fun ... reminded me of Enid Blyton stories. Sounds like your stress levels have come down. Love the texture pieces and your quilt.


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