Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Little Bit of Cross Stitch

I feel like I haven't blogged for ages.  But I have certainly been busy in the sewing room.  Ahem.  Kitchen table. 

Last week I completed a little project for my Plum and June Blog Hop tutorial, and then without stopping to draw breath, I moved straight on to a little commission that saw a return to my original creative roots...a little cross stitch.

A friend of a friend wanted me to do a cross stitch for her best friend, who is due to have a baby in August.  So I pulled out all my cross stitch books, designs I had saved from magazines, and patterns and we chatted and decided upon this playroom scene.

It's adapted slightly because  we know that the baby is a boy.  I changed the flags at the top to be red and blue instead of the pinks and yellows of the pattern, and I also changed a pink stripe in the balls to a red stripe.  And when the baby is here, it's going to be personalised with the name and date of birth as well. 

In other news, we were lucky enough to see this...

Yes, the Olympic torch relay came to Jersey!  It was just for a few hours, and it was only a skeleton crew (My sister is on the torch relay working for Coca Cola, driving a 'Coke Car' and handing out coke and tamborines, but she didn't get to come which was a shame) but it's great to be able to say we saw the torch.

And on Wednesday, I was even lucky enough to see and (gasp) touch one of the torches!  The head of swimming lessons at my daughters swimming class was one of the torch bearers, and she had brought it to the leisure centre to show everyone.  My daughter had her photo taken with the torch (along with my friend's children) but being only 3, she had no idea what the torch was or why it was so special.  I will just have to explain when she's older!

In other exciting Jersey news, Prince Charles and Camilla came to visit!  I really wanted to go and see them, as Prince Charles was giving a speech in the Royal Square in town.  But with two small children in tow and large crowds, I thought it best avoided.  Many people waited hours to see them, and as luck would have it for my husband, he walked out of his office on his lunch break, and just happened to see the Royal Couple as he casually walked past.  Was he bothered?  Not particularly! 

Anyway.  Back to sewing.  So now I am working on another commission, a cot quilt for my lovely friend Sarah, who is going to give it to her friend Jane, who is having a baby.  It's been great fun deciding on fabrics, design, style etc. especially as it's all been done via email and online chat,  but more on that next time!


  1. Wow, how lucky are you not only to see the Olympic torch, but to touch it too! Your cross stitch looks really pretty! What is exactly the City and Guilds level 3 certificate? Is that a UK thing?

  2. Love your cross stitch.
    Its absolutely gorgeous.
    I am really loving cross stitches atm and currently drooling over the idea of a circus script word cushion in really bright clashy trashy colours. Not sure that I have the patience for it though.
    So glad to hear that you guys got to see the flame. I am utterly impressed by the organisation of it all.

  3. your cross stitch is lovely. Not something I've tried but it's hovering near the must do list

  4. Great Cross Stitch! I have one that I pull out every now and then when I have to do more sit down work, but It may take a few more years to get finished! Very nice opportunity to touch the torch!


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