Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Happy Finish

Ed Emberly Happy Drawing Quilt - done! 

The quilt top had been lurking in my craft cupboard for a couple of months, waiting to be quilted, but I delayed because I had been pondering the best way to quilt it.  I wanted to machine quilt it, and I considered vertical lines, diagonal lines, horizontal lines, you name it..  And then I came across the wonderful blog and gorgeous quilts of Deux Petites Souris through the Plum and June bloghop and knew that wavy line quilting was the way to go.  The perfect accompaniment to those squiggly blocks.

I was a bit nervous to just 'freestyle' it , so I drew on wavy lines as I went with my air erasable pen, and it worked a treat.  I was able to roughly follow the lines without having to worry that I was going off course. 

For the backing, I used the left overs of the squiggly prints, making it nice and bright and colourful.

This quilt is a lot more modern in style compared with other quilts that I have made, and I just love the animal prints.  I'm still trying to decide which is my favourite!  In fact I think I love them all and how they all work together.

If it hadn't been for life (and children) getting in the way, this would have been quite a quick quilt to put together.  It was a lot of fun working with animal fabrics, and great to try out new skills. 

In other news, we had a great time with friends watching the Opening Ceremony.  We even had some home made decorations (courtesy of my daughter) and some bunting that I made for the Royal Wedding to get us in the mood.

Wasn't it an amazing ceremony!  Did you see it?  What did you think?

PS - I am now linked to Flickr, check out all my quilts and coursework samples by clicking on the 'my flickr' tab at the top :-)


  1. Great quilt Sarah and the fabrics work really well together. I love the way you pieced the back.

  2. Great quilt Sarah! I love the quilting!
    I thought the Olympics opening ceremony was fantastic!!

  3. Fab quilting - nice to see the quilt finished - well done! Great olympic themed decs from your daughter too!

  4. What a sweet quilt! The wavy lines are a great contrast to the geometric design of the quilt. I'm so glad you gave it a try! And I love what you did for the back of the quilt. Those squiggly prints are great.

    Our family has been enjoying watching the Olympics together too!

  5. Nice job with the quilting. I've used wavy lines for a couple of quilts now and really like the look. Plus it's easy to do with the walking foot.


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