Sunday, 22 May 2011

Foundation Piecing Fun?

It has been a very busy week, trying to fit in as much coursework as possible, go on a school trip, (yes I must be mad) host book club, catch up with friends, do extra tutoring and get ready to go on holiday.  (Crete, here we come!)  But I somehow managed to find the time to complete my foundation piecing samples, which basically involves stitching fabric to a piece of paper with a pattern on it.  It sounds crazy and it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it starts to become quite fun...

My first attempt
And the second 

I have now managed to complete all of the work for module 2, and have submitted it this evening.  There is always the horrible fear that you have done done enough, that your work is not good enough, that you will have to re-do lots of it, and submit it again.  Anxious times!   Anyone who is doing the C and G will know how I am feeling! But for the time being, here is a picture of all of my sketch books and portfolios.
I am going to have a week off now, as I will be busy sunbathing by the pool, but I am taking all the information about module 3 with me so I can have a really good read about what is required, and I'm also going to take photos of the Cretian landscape, in readiness for the module on 'textures' which is based on landscapes and the natural world. 

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