Friday, 13 May 2011

My Prize Arrives

I waited with baited breath for the arrival of my sketch books, here they are, ready and waiting for me to fill with works of art...

My prize!
I have also been working every hour under the sun this week (every time Freya is asleep) to get my Shape module finished.  So here are a couple of pages more of my portfolio:
More designs
And more
I think Pete feels he has not seen me all week, and I certainly feel I have been hiding in our study, working away. (And blogging!)  I have nearly completed the 'Outcomes' document that needs to be completed for each module, this is something that generally takes a couple of hours, so I am glad to have done the majority of it.  I still seem to have lots of loose ends to finish off, so it will be another week of hard work I think but well worth it to get it finished and sent off in time for our holiday.   

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