Saturday, 14 May 2011

Freya joins in the collage creativity

True to form I have been working hard again today, this time to create a collage.  But before I show you the pictures of what I have been creating, perhaps you would like to have a look at Freya's attempts at collage this afternoon too...a heart, to go on the front of her great grandmother's birthday card for next week.

Not bad for a 2 year old! 

My collage is not a great deal more sophisticated, it is based on a photograph I took of Nelson's Statue at HMS Victory.  I had great fun tearing up this summer's John Lewis Catalogue (very disappointing collection this year) while watching Radio1's Big Weekend on the internet, and reminising about when I was there three years ago.  

Nelson Statue
My collage
I made lots of mess but it was good fun!

So all in all quite a productive day.  I am so close to finishing my portfolio, but as usual I have run out of things, this time, blue card, and double sided tape.  Again.  So it's back to the shops for me, then full steam ahead.   

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  1. Great collages, by both you and little Freya. This is something I couldn't quite get in to ... maybe I should try it again, yours look great.
    Can you send me your email address please so I can reply to your comments on my own blog. Thanks!


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