Monday, 19 December 2011

Apologies and snow collages

Lots to post about this week, but firstly, an apology...I didn't get around to publishing my Fiction Friday weekly update, shame on me!!  Where shall I start with my list of excuses (Freya had friends round to play, Pete was hogging the laptop, I have been busy with my C and G work, I have been preparing for a new arrival etc. etc.)not good enough I know!  But I feel that last weeks boat has most certainly sailed, so I shall keep last weeks installment for this Friday instead.  I promise.  And it's a festive offering, so it will be even more appropriate, being so close to Christmas.  :-)

On a more positive note, I submitted and got feedback for my colour module, and my tutor said that it was 'excellent' so as you can imagine, after nearly 6 months of slogging away, I am thrilled to bits.  But there is hardly any time for reflection, it's full steam ahead with the next three modules, as I try to complete as much as I can before Christmas and the new year.  Progress has been good so far, although I have to say my heart did sink a bit when I realised I have to complete 5 more applique samples, making it a total of 10 applique samples in total - it would have been nice to do something else then come back to it!  But hey-ho, that is what they want so that is what I shall do.  Everything is in the very early stages so there is not a lot to photograph and show you at the moment (although I have loads of ideas in my head and can't wait to get going) so for the time being I will share with you Freya's latest work...a snow collage...

First Freya did some finger painting
Then she added some cotton wool snowballs...

And next some sparkly pipe cleaners and silver snowflakes...
Before finally adding some blue glitter glue...
Freya hopes you like it!!


  1. A work of art ... and Freya's obviously pleased with it. So cute.

  2. Freya looks like she's having a fab time. Glad you had well deserved, good comments on your work. I think your amazing ! X


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