Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Five Samples Finally Finished

Oh happy days, I have finally, finally completed all five of my applique samples for module 3. So here it is, the experimental reverse applique sample, based on an Aztec mask design I came up with that looks uncannily like a lot of little pac men...

It's quite hard to tell from the photo but I have used reverse applique for the eyes and mouth and the band at the top has been appliqued on and then all the masks appliqued on to a black cotton fabric.  The brief was to use a fabric that did not need to be turned under, so that's why I used felt, and I think the colours look really bold against the black background.  It is one of those pieces that looks so much better in real life, the photo doesn't seem to capture it somehow.  But there we are, the limitations of distance learning and blogging!  So just one or two tweeks to my portfolio and presentation and then it's on to module 4...

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  1. Great work Sarah, and I'll bet you're glad to get another module behind you.


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