Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hawaiian Applique and Jersey Landscapes

Welcome back!  First of all, I hope that all my blogging friends had a lovely and relaxed Christmas and that Father Christmas was good to you all.  I was lucky enough to receive a  beautiful, inspiring book called Material Obsession, (I also have the follow-up, Material Obesssion 2) Kirstie's Craft book and a glue gun, which was just what I wanted.  I also used some of my Christmas money to get other bits such as a new quilting ruler, some gorgeous fabrics for my current module (should be plenty left over) and some threads.  Oh I am easily pleased!  I am now thinking I want to make quilts from my Material Obsession book immediately, but I have the task of completing module 4 first, and then perhaps I will allow myself a small amount of time out to complete a mini quilt using one of the wonderful, original patterns.  As always I like to put myself under pressure! 

But just because it has been Christmas, it does not mean that I haven't been working in between all the eating, socialising and opening presents.  After all, I don't really consider my C and G coursework to be work, and it has been great to have a bit of extra time to focus and get things done while my lovely husband Pete takes Freya to the beach and little trips out.  The first thing I am working on is my Hawaiian applique sample.  Below is a picture of the applique part of it, the whole design hand appliqued by turning the edges under with the point of the needle.   I was pleased with the spotty effect, it looks a bit like a modern snowflake I think, so quite festive and appropriate. 

I am now doing the time consuming business of quilting it, Hawaiian style, but to be honest, it won't look a lot different when it's finished so I thought I would share it with you now. 

I have also been out and about with Pete and Freya in tow, taking photos of the Jersey landscape and coastline, for this module.  Fortunately for me, the theme is natural landscapes, so I really couldn't ask for more with Jersey's dramatic and breathtaking coastline.  I am so lucky to live so close to such beautiful places; it's the perfect backdrop and here is a small selection of some of my favourite pictures:

Greve de Leque

Plemont Bay

Plemont up close (it's where they did the sand art)


Corbiere Lighthouse

Beauport Bay (I think!  We discovered it on our 'tour' of the island)

I am pretty chuffed with my pictures, some of which were taken from the comfort of the car with the window down!  And the bleakness of winter creates a lovely atmosphere in the photos which goes perfectly with the black and white theme that is set for this portfolio. 

Changing topics completely, I have one final photo I would like to share, it's Freya with her new giant caterpillar puzzle and other smaller, yet challenging caterpillar puzzles.  She didn't have any help, she is our resident puzzle expert. 

Ta da!

Right, I must get back to it, before the New Year Celebrations begin.  Happy New Year everyone, I hope it brings you all you wish for. x

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