Friday, 23 December 2011

Fiction Fridays #4 The Very Helpful Reindeer

I have managed to get myself into gear this week and am pleased to be able to post my festive Fiction Friday offering, just in time for Christmas.  This week I have chosen 'The Very Helpful Reindeer which is a charming little book, complete with sound effects to enhance that magical, Christmasy feeling.  I wish I could say that Freya has enjoyed reading it with me, but for some reason, she is

just. not. interested.

Such a shame!  It really is a delightful story about yes, you guessed it, a reindeer, who ends up helping no less than Father Christmas himself, and in true children's storytelling fashion, saves the day.  I used it a lot last year with the children that I was tutoring at the time (ages ranging between 6 and 10 - no one is too old to enjoy a Christmas story with sound effects!) and they all loved it. 

 Outside the window,
the falling snowflakes

Santa flicked a magic spell from his fingers.
He sent happy Christmas dreams to Rory
and to sleeping children

On that note, all that wishes to remain is to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  May it be filled with family, friends, fun, food and festivities and I look forward to blogging again soon. xx

P.S extra special thoughts and love to my blogging friend on the other side of the world - you know who you are - thinking of you xxx

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