Monday, 9 January 2012

Acquisitions and Applique

I had planned to write this post last night.  I had just finished my machine bias applique sample and was very keen to share it.  But the familiar problem came up - Pete needed the laptop for work, and so I had the ipad, and while it is marvellous, it does not contain the photos of said applique, hence I was unable to post.  It was however, a great opportunity to have a little surf around other people's blogs, and within minutes I was on a wonderful little journey, getting lots of ideas, finding some great little craft projects and admiring the wealth of craft and talent that we have in this world.  There is so much creativity out there, and so many people are so keen to share their ideas and enthusiasm, I really do recommend spending an hour browsing, looking at blogs, websites, links etc. and seeing where it takes you.  I went to bed with my mind buzzing about all the things I would like to make and do and achieve one day in the future. 

One idea that I came across was the rejection of New Year's resolutions in favour of just one word for the year -  a much more succinct, realistic and memorable way to make a resolution and stick to it.  So I had a little think about what mine is going to be and I decided upon ACQUIRE.  These are the things I would like to Acquire this year, in no particular order;

knowledge -  about quilitng, past present and future
knowledge -  about art, sewing, embroidery, craftsmen and women
skills  - relating to quilting, sewing, cooking, childrearing (lol!)
friends - be they on line or in Jersey - through my blog I have already come across so many inspiring people, I wouldn't be without them now
ideas - about all of the above, including more ways to be creative with Freya, through play, games, craft etc
Supplies -  I would love to add to my small, yet treasured crafting collection - more buttons, more ribbon, more fabrics, threads, craft books, embellishments, tools - all the things that make my heart sing

It would be wonderful in the future, when I have acquired all these things for my resolution to be SHARE, but I think I need to work on the knowledge and skills bit a bit more first, before I am able to fully share!! (But I am more than happy to share what I do have already - I hope all my friends know that :-) )   
So I hope that I can work hard every day to Acquire a little bit more, mainly in the skills and knowledge sense, so that I can be the best that I can be.  And some new friends and fabrics and supplies along the way will be an added bonus. 

Back to samples, here is my machine bias celtic applique butterfly - as the title suggests, I made the bias strips on the machine, then I appliqued them on to the white fabric. 

Ok so it's not completely perfect, but you find me a butterfly in nature that is completely symmetrical!  Overall, I enjoyed doing it and it was not as hard as I though it was going to be because I was only sewing through one layer of fabric - much easier on the fingers. 

Today I have a full day of peace - Freya is at the childminder all day for the first time, so I need to crack on, I have lots of skills and knowledge to Aquire and need to make the most of the time!

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  1. What a brilliant word and a wonderful outlook on resolutions.
    I think your butterfly is beautiful. I'd not heard of this type of work in quilts, so you've already shared something, LOL!


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