Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Dolly Quilt

So here it is, my finished dolly quilt...

Complete with hand quilting using my fabulous pearl cotton #8 threads...

And finished in under a week...phew!  I have to say I am feeling quite pleased with myself, particularly as I adapted it from a pattern in the Material Obsession book which I later noticed came under the 'advanced' category.  I think it  must be 'advanced' because of the freezer paper applique in the centre, but if there is one thing I have learnt about and improved upon with my C and G course it's applique in all its forms, so to me this was a breeze! 

Now I just need to consider what to 'do' with it.  I think I will hold on to it for safe keeping and stumble upon it in years to come and admire the lovely fabrics all over again. 

Dolly quilt, it has been a pleasure. 

But now back to studying! 


  1. Beautiful, so much detail i could study it for ages. I love quilts perhaps this can be handed down the generations one day

  2. Stunning - a real heirloom! I can't believe how speedy you are.


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