Saturday, 14 January 2012

Butterflies and Bundles

This week I have managed to complete another applique sample for this module (3 down 2 to go - getting there!) and by coincidence it is more butterflies.  It is an applique technique called Broiderie Perse, which essentially means cutting out motifs from one fabric and appliquing them onto a plain one. 

This sample was relatively straight forward and I enjoyed adding the embroidery detail too.  It's a shame that the colours are so muted, but that is the requirement of this module - to work in black and white and grey tones only, so I have done my samples to match.

Which is perhaps why I am so excited about my most recent purchase, a gorgeous fat quarter bundle from ebay, that I just couldn't resist...

I am so in love with these colour combinations, aren't they gorgeous!   I have plans to use them to make a small quilt after I have finished module 4, using ideas from the Sarah Fielke book I have just bought and her previous books, Material Obsession and Material Obsession 2.  I have also just ordered 20 pearl cotton #8 threads on ebay for a mere £7.99, as these are the threads recommended for hand embroidery by Sarah Fielke, and they look absoloutely beautiful on her quilts.  Did I need 20?  Probably not.  But after all, my new year's resolution is to 'Acquire' (see previous post) and who could resist such a bargain?!


  1. Oh, lovely colours. You must put in an order with me for fabrics from the Indian cotton markets here before our next trip back April/May and I can drop off with your mum if easiest! Wonderful work as always - hurrah!

  2. Are they from Brenda Higgs? I keep looking at bundles for bunting and fabric for Evie's new room, but won't buy til we exchange for fear of jinxing!


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