Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pinterest is just so INTERESTING!

When I am online, looking at other people's blogs, I marvel at how 'up to speed' people are with this whole blogging business, and with social media in general.  I have a facebook account, and of course this blog, but I have resisited the lure of Twitter and can honestly say I have never been on it.  I liked to think I was fairly on the ball with all things technological but then one day someone mentioned their Pinterest board, and I had no idea what they were talking about.  I felt like an online social outcast.  So me being me, I had to investigate, and wow, I am so glad I did!  Basically it's an online pinboard, where you can 'pin' any image that you like onto your own virtual pinboard.  It's a bit like a scrapbook, but even better because no scissors, paper or glue are required, and you can creat your own boards with different headings, to catalogue all the different things that you like. 

To see what I am talking about, click on the 'Pinterest' button that I have cleverly placed at the top of my blog, or to make things easier I have included a link below... 

Follow Me on Pinterest

Isn't it just a fabulous way to collate and share all the things you love!

There is a 'pin it' icon at the top of my blog, so if you like any of my pictures, you can  'pin' them to your own board, if you have one.  I have tested it out, and managed to 'pin' my quilt top picture to my Patchwork and Quilting board; it's great because it will attract new readers to my blog and also it's nice to share my images with others. 

I have also managed to install a 'pin it' application so that I can pin an image from any website on the internet. (not just from other pinterest members).  I am feeling very smug that I can do this, because anything involving HTML usually strikes fear in my heart. 
Other news is, I have wadding for my quilt, hooray!  So guess what I'm doing today?! 
And my last piece of news regarding the news everyone is waiting for is, there is no news.  Yet.  Watch this space. 

PS. Thank you for the lovely comments about my work.  Claire - My fabrics are indeed from Brenda Higgs Favourite Fabrics, I just can't resist them!  Julie - I think my enthusiasm comes from the fact that very soon my time is going to be much more limited!  Menai - thank you for your lovely comments and I'm really chuffed to be mentioned on your blog xxx

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  1. You're welcome - but it's addictive! But an easier way to share if not blog. Here's hoping for lovely arrival news - thinking of you x


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