Monday, 21 May 2012

A Little Charm Quilt

Last week the gorgeous fabrics that I ordered came through the letter box.  It was a bundle of fat quarters of Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey.  They were wrapped so beautifully, and were just so enticing,   I couldn't stop thinking about what I was going to do with them.

But then it got to Friday, and after several evenings of studying, I couldn't help myself.  I just had to make something with them there and then.  Nothing complicted, just something quick and simple, so on Friday evening I came up with this...

As you can see it's just the quilt top, and it's still to be quilted, backed and binded, but I do feel rather pleased with myself.  It was a late night though, and I paid the price the next day with a throbing headache!

I had hoped to post about it earlier, but I was keen to get an outdoor picture.  I can honestly say it hasn't stopped raining here in Jersey all weekend, so today (Monday afternoon) was literally my first opportunity.  But as you can see, the sky is still grey and the temperatures far too low!

As per usual I have run out of fabric.  I have ordered a co-ordinating piece of fabric for the backing and some more wadding, and as soon as they arrive I shall get going.  I am thinking simple machine quilting, in the ditch and also 1 cm either side.  I can't help feeling that these gorgeous fabrics need to speak for themselves.  I just adore the little girl that is Little Red Riding Hood and I don't want any fancy quilting to take away from her. 

I have also made good progress with my coursework.  Last week, I managed work on module 5 nearly every night and managed to:

  • research 'form' and put a set of notes together
  • research my chosen artist - sculptor Phillip King (very interesting) and finalise my notes
  • start researching the history of quiliting, for a seperate file I have to put together on quilting techniques

Lots more to go but a good start. 

In other news - I am going out tonight!!!  First time this year!!!  So no feeding the baby/sewing/designing/creating/blogging for me tonight, just eating, drinking, socialising and hopefully having fun!! 


  1. I love the Walk in the Woods fabric. Very cute quilt.

  2. Such a cute little quilt! I'm just learning about different fabric designers and Aneela Hoey keeps coming up. I love the fabrics you chose, especially the little mushrooms! Are the lined fabrics from Aneela Hoey, too? Thanks for sharing!


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