Monday, 28 May 2012

Mooing and Making

Finally, finally, the summer is here at last!  And in Jersey it's been no exception.  The socks, winter boots and rain macks have finally retired to the back of the wardrobe, in favour of sandals, summer dresses and sunglasses.  Hooray! 

Even our neighbours, the Jersey cows have been enjoying the sunshine;

For my international readers (if you're out there) you probably won't have heard of Jersey.  It's a teeny tiny island off the coast of France, and part of the Channel Islands, only 45 square miles wide, and famous for, you guessed it, these gorgeous, friendly, sweet natured cows, that produce rich creamy milk, arguably the best in the world.  I am so lucky to get to see them every day! 

Anyhow, back to the business of quilting.  Last week was another productive week, as I put these gorgeous Ed Emberly Happy Drawing fabrics to good use...

And came up with this:

So that's two quilt tops made (this one and Walk in the Woods) and they are both to be finished asap.  Watch this space.

I have also been doing some research into the history of quilting as part of my coursework, which has proved fascinating.  I might share some brief snippits another day.  It is interesting, I promise!


  1. Love the cow pics!

    Don't forget about the potatoes though! Jersey Royals are my faves ;0)

    and that quilt top is just gorgeous.

  2. They are beautiful cows. Large eyes are very appealing. Of course I have heard of Jersey. Now that I have put a person's name and face to it, I have much more interest in it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love these fabrics! Lovely quilt! I've always been fascinated by the Channel Islands and would absolutely love to visit them. I'm especially interested about their history during World War ll!!

  4. Jersey is also home to the prettiest cows, they are soo lovely!

    I'm seriously in awe of your dedication, where do you find the time to do all this? You put the rest of us to shame! X

  5. Love the quilt - those Ed Emberley prints are irresistible! And those cows are so sweet :)

  6. Wonderful quilt! You're really knocking them out lately ... I love to see what you do next.
    The cows are just GORGEOUS ... those amazing eyes!!


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