Sunday, 21 October 2012

From sandcastles to samples

On a little family outing yesterday afternoon, we came across the most unexpected and breathtaking exhibtion of sand art.  Take a look at this castle!

And there's more. 


And here is the man himself...who goes by the name of 'The Sand Wizard'.  None other than World Champion Sand artist, and I can see why!

I couldn't help but bombard the poor man with questions and his answers were fascinating.  Apparently he learned he could make 'castles' when playing in the sand with his daughter when she was young...and has been doing it ever since.  He is World Champion and travels the world; (off to India next week) he doesn't use normal sand but builder's sand, and the sculputures get sprayed with a glaze to preserve them from the elements.  He doesn't even plan them, just works them out as he goes along!  And apparently the castle took him 17 days and about a month for the whole exhibition.  See told you I asked him lots of questions!  It was great to meet him and learn more about what he does, and such a lovely surprise as we had no idea he was going to be there. 
Anyhow, onto sewing realted business, and this week I have been focusing on my City and Guilds coursework.  The theme of the module I am currently studying is 'media' and I have decided to focus on 'Social Media'.  Here is my Suffolk Puffs sample, which is meant to look like a famous logo, I hope you can guess which?!
I have also finished the Trapunto/stuffed quilting sample, again using another famous social media website as a basis for the design...

And now I am working on an English quilted sample based on the Newsvine logo.

No, I hadn't heard of it either.  Until I did some research on social media logos and decided I like the colour.  So I shall be working on that tonight while watching Downton Abbey.  If it's as good as last weeks installment, I might not get much sewing done!


  1. Love the trapunto. Show me more, show me more! You do such great things in the process of getting your certificate. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great samples Sarah, I like the Newsvine logo too, and am looking forward to your sample of it. How was Downton Abbey - I'm so envious, we'll probably have to wait until next year to get it at this side of the world. Hope you managed to get some stitching done.

  3. I always envy those people who can make magnificent sand sculptures - I however realised a few years ago that for a control freak like me, making things out of sand can be stressful. So now I leave it to the kids and just collect shells & stones to order! Oh Downton.....what a rollercoaster! Even worse, we go on holiday next saturday and will miss the next two episodes. Thank goodness for sky plus! Good luck with your coursework!

  4. Visiting from Plum and June, love those birds, do you have a tutorial for them?

  5. Fantastic sand sculptures, what a surprise find. Loving the social icon stuff looking forward to seeing more. Just about to watch Downton, hope I don't cry as much as I did last week! :)

  6. The sand sculptures are amazing - I hadn't realised the scale of the castle until you pictured the artist next to it!

  7. Fab samples of the logos. And loving that sand castle. I never had the patience to do more than a couple of bucket loads of sand for the girls and then make them go find sea shells to decorate the sad excuse for a castle that I produced!


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