Sunday, 14 October 2012

Name that Towel

We've all been there before - get in the shower, jump out and reach for a towel and...wait a minute...which one is mine, I'm sure it's this one...actually it could be this it's this one...oh this one will have to do!!! 
Well my friend Kate has come up with a soloution to stop her children's towels getting muddled up...putting their names on! 
So she asked me to applique her boy's names onto some gorgeous white fluffy bath towels, which I did, in bold navy with white stars...

Here are some close up's;

It was a bit of a challenge getting such large towels through my machine, but hopefully it was worth the effort as there will never be any towel confusion in the bathroom again.


  1. What a great idea. The towels look great.

  2. I just gave us all different colour towels. Somehow think your bathroom looks far more pulled together than mine!

  3. Great idea! We have the same issue!

  4. Ooooh gorgeous.
    They turned out brilliantly.
    Well done clever lady.
    p.s. your bathroom looks absolutely stunning.

  5. Smart applique! Well done you!


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